How It Works

Have some awesome artwork?  


Join Epixo & start selling your art on puzzles today!


Create your own personal jigsaw puzzle shop for free and join a fast-growing art-puzzle community in minutes, just upload your artwork and select the product you wish to sell the artwork on. 

Leave the rest to us, we produce the puzzle and arrange the shipping directly to your customers.  

And what more...

Epixo covers the whole product fulfillment including customer service, so it's completely hassle-free!!!!

Do not forget to include some information about you so the customers get to know you and your work. Add a description, classify a category for your artwork, create a product, set a license fee, and wait for the puzzle enthusiast to find you.  

Have complete control over what your earn from the license with flexible fee settings and easily track your earnings in your profile in the sales statics section. Just set your licensee fee and you will receive your fee every time a puzzle is produced from your artwork.



What do I need to create my collection?  

To open your very own jigsaw puzzle shop you just need an active PayPal account and a couple of your own artworks or photographs.  

All your artworks and photographs need to be saved as a jpg file in RGB color profiles.  All your files have to meet the minimum quality requirements. 

  1. The file needs to be a jpg file (min 2 MB max 20 MB in size)
  2. Only JPEG and PNG files are accepted
  3. GIF. TIFF and PDF files are not supported

Each puzzle format has specific aspect ratio requirements. To make sure your artwork will not be cut off after upload please follow the side proportion requirements below and allow a bleed of at least 3mm. 

Puzzle 500 Pieces - 1:1,43  (e.g 4500x3175 pixels) 

Puzzle 1000 Pieces - 1:1,43  (e.g 4500x3175 pixels) 

You just keep doing what you love and let the puzzle enthusiast find your art. Create fun and quirky modern contemporary, traditional landscape or animal motives jigsaw puzzles that bring joy and spark to the eyes to complete them.

All you need is to join us and upload your work.