A unique jigsaw puzzle world  - Welcome to Epixo

It does not take long to exhaust the things to do when indoors. But with a jigsaw puzzle, it is different. You finish one, you want to complete another one. 

Maybe you have already tried to do different things, such as reading books and watching films on Netflix. If you want a new and exciting way to spend your free time, I would recommend that you try getting into jigsaw puzzles from 

Other than being affordable, jigsaw puzzles are also great for your brain. Trying to solve jigsaw puzzles can be a great way to disconnect from the anxiety of the news and screens. What is even better, is a platform that will give you a chance as a creative person to bring in your jigsaw puzzle designs.

Epixo is a jigsaw puzzle platform, where you can either submit your creative jigsaw puzzle designs or attempt to solve the ones already discoverable on the site. 

What makes different from other puzzle platforms?

It can help you create a passive income from your outstanding photographs or illustrations. Once you submit your designs, and other people attempt to solve them, you get to make a few bucks passively. This is an opportunity for every creative person to create their very own little puzzle shop, while others bring their art home on jigsaw puzzles. 

If you love puzzle challenges, offers numerous difficult puzzle designs for you to solve. These puzzles come in all levels and sizes, meaning that you will have endless motifs to solve depending on your preference. 

In addition, you will find unique jigsaw puzzle designs on our platform, that are not to be found in classic puzzle shops. These jigsaws are also of high quality and sourced from creative people globally. 

Lastly, the world has now turned to screens as a way of passing time. However, there is a better way to spend your free time while exercising your brain.  So grab one and discover the way how to let out all that pent-up tension, 

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