How can I create the order?

Find the puzzle you like, check the number of pieces and format and add to the basket. If you do not wish to purchase more, click checkout and proceed to the payment section. 

How long does it take before I receive the order?

The estimated delivery time is always stated at the time of order based on the shipping option selected and your location. It can be between 4-7 working days. 

I need the puzzle faster than is indicated on your website, what can I do?

Unfortunately, the estimated time given at the time of ordering is the earliest guaranteed delivery date. 

I need more copies of the puzzle than you have in stock, can you produce some extra?

Yes, you can always purchase the number of units you require and the puzzles will be made to order. 

Can I resell the puzzles from your website in my own shop?

It is possible. You would have to register in our B2B portal as a business partner and order puzzles with your artwork in bulk. In this case we suggest to set the licence fee to minimum.

I received the puzzle and there are pieces missing from it, what is your solution?

We are able to reproduce the missing pieces for you, please contact us and include your order number along with some images of the completed puzzles and Photo of the missing piece area.


Where do you ship to?

Currently, we can ship to the following countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czeck Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

We are constantly working on adding new countries to the list.

What are the shipping charges?

Please, use this link to find the shipping charge table.

Are these puzzles produced in the limited edition?

Most of the puzzles are "Made to order", however, some of the items are being in "stock". Virtualy, there is no limit in quantity, each item can be sold in any quantity, as long as the licence is active.

Can I join as an author?

Yes, you can join as an author if you have an active Paypal account and artwork and files you own the copyright to and are your own. Please check the Join Us section on the website.



What is the quality of the puzzle?

We are proud to offer a high quality product, with sturdy pieces, brith colors and unique piece shapes. Paretnership with Venus Puzzle production guarantees high stadnard.

Are the pieces all of the same shape or is every piece unique?

All pieces are of a unique shape. Even though, some pieces may look similar to others, they should never fit in another spot.

Can any of the pieces fit in several different places on the puzzle?

No, the only case where the piece can fit "two" spots are in Puzzles of 2000 pieces.

How big are the puzzle pieces?

Avergae size of each pieces in larger puzzles is 18-19 mm, similar to those you can get in regular stores.

How big is the box?

Each box measures 35 x 22 x 4 cm.

Does the box also contain the image that is on the puzzle?

Yes, each box has the puzzle image on the lid.

Do you also sell the frames for the puzzle?

At this moment, we only offer frames for Puzzle 1000 pieces (this frame fits to our puzzles only, or any puzzle with dimmensions 48 x 68 cm).

How do I fix the assembled puzzle? Can I use a puzzle glue from the store?

We also offer puzzle glue sheets, which are different then standard puzzle glue. These are self-adhesive stickers to be placed on the back of the puzzle board. 

What materials do you use?

We use the high standards only. Puzzle board is 2 mm thick, blue color. The surface of the puzzle image has vibrant color with semi-mate finish and very light canvas embossing texture.

How are the puzzles packed?

Each puzzle is dis-assembled, sealed in plastic bag and put into sturdy cardboard box. Finaly the box is shrink wrapped.

What are the dimensions of the final puzzle?

Below, you can find the dimmensions of all puzzles:

Puzzle 24 pcs: 15 x 21 cm
Puzzle 12 XXL pcs: 26 x 38 cm
Puzzle 100 pcs: 21 x 30 cm
Puzzle 300 pcs: 31 x 42 cm
Puzzle 500 pcs: 33,5 x 48 cm
Puzzle 1000 pcs: 48 x 68 cm
Puzzle 2000 pcs: 68 x 93 cm
Puzzle 1500 square: 68 x 70 cm
Puzzle 2000 Panorama: 48 x 133 cm
Puzzle 3900 pcs: 93 x 133 cm