FAQ - Authors



Who is the author?

An author is a person who created a theme uploaded to the Epixo portal database or the person authorized by the author to act on his or her behalf.

What is the artwork?

The artwork is an author’s image (photo, illustration or painting) uploaded in digital format by the author to the Epixo database.

Can I upload an artwork to the database if I have a valid commercial licence for it, but I am not its author?

No, artworks can only be uploaded by their authors.

I have a photo of the city that I made myself. Am I the author of this artwork?

Yes, you are both the author and the holder of the licence.

Can only a photo be the artwork?

No, any image in digital form can be artwork.

How do I know if my artwork is suitable for a puzzle?

Artworks suitable for puzzles are multi-colour themes with more details and fewer large single-colour areas.

What file formats can be uploaded?

Accepted digital formats are JPG and PNG.

Can I upload an image with sexually explicit content?

No, uploading such content is not allowed and will be rejected.

What content is not allowed?

Themes that contain material that defames any person, people, race, religion or religious group, or is obscene, pornographic, indecent, harassing, threatening, harmful, violating privacy or advertising rights, offensive, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable are prohibited. Content that is misleading and deceptive and offers or distributes fraudulent goods, services, schemes or promotions, will also be rejected.

What happens after the artwork is uploaded?

Each uploaded artwork will be reviewed by our staff within 48 hours to ensure its compliance with our conditions and will be released for puzzle sale if approved. You will be notified by email if the theme has been approved or rejected.

Do I have to provide the title and description of the artwork?

Yes. We deeply care about the sale of puzzles with your artworks, which is why we make sure that each of them has a unique title and description. There is a much greater chance that search engines will prioritize search content with a quality description.

Can my draft be rejected?

Yes, it can, especially if it violates our terms. In such a case, you will get an email notification.

How and where will the puzzle with my artwork be sold?

The puzzles can be sold through the Epixo e-shop, B2B networks, or other sale channels such as Amazon and the like. It is essential to know that the licence fee will be credited to you already in the phase of the product manufacture, regardless of its subsequent sale.



What is the accepted artwork format?

Accepted file formats are JPG and PNG.

Is there a size limit for uploaded files?

Yes. The minimum file size is 0.5 Mb, and the maximum file size is 30 Mb.

Are PDF files accepted, too?


How do I know if my file is suitable for a puzzle in terms of resolution?

Puzzles are relatively large reproductions, so you should use only high-resolution images. Simply put, if you zoom your image to about twice the size of your monitor and its resolution is still acceptable, it will likely be suitable for a puzzle, too.

How do I know if my artwork is suitable for a puzzle?

Artworks suitable for a puzzle are multi-colour themes with more details and fewer large single-colour areas.

How do I adjust my image in terms of an aspect ratio?

Each product has its own aspect ratio. After uploading the image, you will see a crop tool indicating the frame of the cropped image.

Do all puzzle products have the same aspect ratio?

No. The aspect ratios vary, but the most common aspect ratios are from 1:1.35 to 1:1.5. Square and panoramic puzzles are an exception.

What is the appropriate colour profile of the image?

Most photos have an RGB colour profile, so we also have the default RGB working space. We do not suggest uploading artworks in CMYK.

How do I get the best colour accuracy?

We use first-class printers and pay attention to regular calibration. However, we can not guarantee that the printout colour will be the same as the one you see on your monitor.


What is a licence?

The licence is the right to use your artwork for the puzzle production.

Whom do I grant the licence, and for what purpose?

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you grant the licence to Venus DE s.r.o., the operator of the Epixo portal, to produce a puzzle with any artwork you upload to the database.

What is the amount of the licence fee?

You set the fee yourself when creating each product with a given artwork.

When am I entitled to remuneration?

Your total licence fees for each calendar month will be calculated at the end of such month. This amount will be paid no later than the 15th day of the following calendar month to your PayPal account. The condition for payment is the minimum balance of EUR 5.00 on your account. If the amount is lower, the balance will be carried over to the next month.

What should be the set fee amount?

It’s up to you. If you believe that a particular artwork has a high added value, you can set a higher fee. On the contrary, if you expect more sales, especially in the B2B network, it’s advisable to set a minimum fee.

How much will I get paid if my artwork is used?

You are entitled to precisely the same amount of the fee you have set.

Will I get paid if my artwork is approved?

No, you are only entitled to crediting the fee if your artwork has been used for puzzle production. This is the case, for example, if someone orders a puzzle in the e-shop and the puzzle is subsequently produced. However, we may also decide to produce a puzzle with the given artwork for stock or sale through other sales channels.

Am I entitled to the full fee, even if this product is sold at a discount?

You are always entitled to the full fee, regardless of the product’s final price on sale.

What happens with the licence if I cancel my account?

The licence shall expire at the moment of the account cancellation or deleting the artwork from the database.

I recently cancelled my Epixo account but noticed that some of my sales channels still sell products with my artworks. How is that possible?

It is necessary to know that products produced before the licence expiration and those for which licence fees were credited under the GTC may continue to be on sale until they are completely sold out.

Am I entitled to remuneration if my artworks have been used for products in stock?

Yes, of course. The entitlement to credit a fee does not arise with the product’s sale but with its production (printout). Regardless of whether the product has been sold through an online store or has been produced for stock, the fee amount is always the same for each piece made.


Where and how will the puzzle with my artwork be sold?

According to the GTC, Epixo has the right to sell puzzle products with your artworks through all sales channels such as Epixo Eshop, Epixo B2B Network, Amazon and others. The licence fee will always be the same regardless of the sales channel through which the product is sold.

My theme was used for products in stock. Am I still entitled to remuneration?

Yes, Epixo is entitled to choose products to be placed in stock at its discretion and commercial evaluation. The selection may depend on the popularity or sales statistics of a particular artwork. Your entitlement to a fee arises when the theme is used in puzzle production.

When is a stock product sold?

Products listed as “in stock” are sold throughout the year, but mainly before the end of the year (15 November - 15 January) and when the company decides to sell out the stock items. The “to order” option is only available from 15 January to 15 October. This is mainly due to the maximum production load in the pre-Christmas period.

Can the product still be sold after the account has been cancelled?

If you cancel your account, your Epixo licence shall also expire. However, it is possible that products that are still sold (as residual goods) were produced, and licence fees were paid during the term of the licence. In such a case, according to the GTC, it is only up to Epixo.com to decide how to handle these products.


Will I pay for creating or maintaining an account?

No, we do not charge any fees for creating or maintaining your account.

Will I need a PayPal account to create an account?

Yes. One of the few conditions for creating an author account is to have your own PayPal account, to which we will transfer your licence fees payments.

Do I have to agree to the terms and conditions?

Yes, your consent to our terms and conditions is required to create an account.

Can my account be blocked?

Yes. According to the GTC, your account may be blocked, especially in case of suspected violation of the GTC.


Do I have to be the author of the uploaded file?

Yes, if you are the author, make sure that the artworks you upload are your own and do not infringe in any way the intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity, including copyrights, moral rights, trademarks, patents or privacy or advertising rights.

I have a commercial licence for the artwork. Can I use it?

First and foremost, you must be the author of the artwork. Artwork may be used if the licence complies with the conditions and is exclusively intended for the artwork to be used in the production and reproduction of products. Make sure your licence meets these conditions.

Can I upload an image downloaded from a public domain?

Not if you’re not the author.

I have a Creative Commons image. Can I use it?

Not if you’re not the author.

Can I upload photos of artworks by an artist who is 70 or more years after death?

Yes, if you are the author of the photo and do not infringe on a third party’s copyright and licence rights.

Can I use a photo of a painting by an artist who is still alive?


What type of artwork is allowed?

You may upload any artwork, as long as its content does not contain material that defames any person, people, race, religion or religious group and is not obscene, pornographic, offensive, harassing, threatening, harmful or violating privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable.

Can I upload any image from the internet?

No. On the one hand, you are not its author, and on the other hand, you probably are not the copyright holder either.

How does Epixo protect my artwork?

Epixo uses high standards to secure digital content and personal data on our servers according to the GTC and GDPR.

Where can I find more copyright information?

We recommend that you read publicly available sources such as our GTC.

Can I upload free pictures or images from the Stock site?

No, they will be deleted, and your account may be blocked.


How will I be paid?

Your total licence fees for each calendar month will be calculated at the end of such month. This amount will be paid no later than the 15th day of the following calendar month to your PayPal account.

Is there a payout threshold?

Yes, the condition for payment is the minimum balance of EUR 5.00 on your account. If the amount is lower, the balance will be carried over to the next month.

Is it really necessary to have a PayPal account?

Yes, although we know that not everyone likes this wallet, it is essential to have it when opening the account and also for the entire duration of the account on Epixo. PayPal is used mainly for the automated payment of licence fees.

When will I get paid?

At the beginning of the following calendar month, if the balance in your account is at least EUR 5.00.

In what currency will I be paid?

Epixo pays licence fees in euros. If you have a PayPal account in another currency, you will be able to accept the transfer to your default currency. In this case, PayPal will prompt you to confirm receipt of the transfer in your currency.

What is the default currency in my account?

The default currency is always the euro. The balance in other currencies is only informative based on the current exchange rate.

Will I get paid if my artwork is approved?

No, you are only entitled to crediting the fee if your artwork was used for puzzle production.

What is the base price?

The base price is the production price of the product without VAT and the licence fee in e-shop Epixo.

Where can I see my earnings?

In your account profile, tab “My Products - Sales”.

What happens to my earnings if I cancel my account before the payout?

After closing your account, your balance will be paid by the 15th day of the following calendar month.

Can I withdraw my earnings?

Your earnings are paid automatically at the beginning of the following calendar month. It is not possible to request a payout at any other time.


What is personal data protection?

The Personal Data Protection Principles (Privacy Policy) is a legal agreement intended to inform our website visitors or users of our application about what personal information about them we collect, how we use it, and how we protect it.

What are the PP principles?

The Privacy Policy for websites or applications generally applies to:

Types of information collected by a website or application

The purpose of this data collection

Storage, security and access to data

Details of data transfers

Associated websites or organizations


Do I have to agree to a Privacy Policy?


My profile photo or banner contains my personal information. Will such a photo be publicly available? 

Yes. According to the GTC, you agree that your profile photo will be publicly available. If you do not want your profile pictures to contain certain personal data (eg, your face ... etc), we recommend using photos or pictures without this data. It is not a condition of registration that the profile photo contains personal data.

When registering, I had to enter my name and nickname (artistic pseudonym). Will this data be publicly available?

Yes, according to the GTC, you agree that these data will be publicly available on the epixo.com portals and on the packaging of the product (puzzle) made from your artwork. In addition, your nickname / pseudonym will be part of your profile page on epixo.com
E.g. "nickname.epixo.com"




License fees are a source of taxable income for the rights provider. License fees that accrue between Epixo.com (which resides in Slovak Republic) and a resident from another country are taxed using withholding tax. International taxation is regulated between countries through double taxation treaties (if any).

In general, there are four variants:

1. A double taxation agreement allows income to be taxed in the country of the source of income or in the country where the taxpayer is domiciled (i.e. he is a resident of that country).

Example countries: United Kingdom, United States.

In this case, we do not deduct tax. The income is taxable in the country of residence of the author.

2. The agreement shall allow taxation in the country of purchase of the license and shall also include the rates of tax at which the income shall be taxed.

The rates in agreements are usually lower than in national legislation, and therefore their use is more advantageous for the taxpayer. If a situation arises where the tax rate in the agreement is higher than in the national legislation, the lower one will then be used for the calculation of the tax.

Example countries: Hungary, India.

In Slovakia (base country of Epixo), there is 19% income tax, in Hungary the tax is 10% and in India, it is 30%.

We will deduct 10% for Hungary and 19% for India.

3. There is no double taxation treaty

Example countries: Armenia, Iran.

In this case, we deduct 35%.

4. The author is a resident of the Slovak Republic.

We will deduct a tax of 19%. In this case, it is also necessary to deduct a 2% fee from the license for the art fund of the Slovak Republic. The tax is then calculated from the rest (98% of the licence fees).


When is the tax paid?

The tax must be submitted to the financial administration by Epixo before the payment of royalties, the net amount will be paid to you subsequently. 

Will I get the confirmation?

We can provide you with a confirmation of tax payment on request.

Where can I see the withholding tax rate for my country of residence?

You can see this rate in the registration process or in the table below. However, due to update of the international treaties, the rates may change. We constantly monitor these changes and update rates.

I can see that the tax rate for the country of my residence is set to 0%. Does that mean that there is not tax?

No, it means that we will not deduct any tax here, but you are obligated to pay the taxes in your country.


Countries under double taxation treaties 
Austria0% cultural licence fees
Belgium0% cultural licence fees
Belarus5% cultural licence fees
Bosna and Herzegovina10%
Brazil15% other 
Canada0% cultural licence fees
Cyprus0% cultural licence fees
Czech Republic0% cultural licence fees
China (Taiwan)10% other
Denmark0% cultural licence fees
Finland0% cultural licence fees
France0% copyrights
Greece0% cultural licence fees
India30% (tax reduction in Slovakia to 19%)
Indonesia15% copyrights
Ireland0% cultural licence fees
Italy0% cultural licence fees
Japan0% cultural licence fees
Korea0% cultural licence fees
Luxembourg0% cultural licence fees
Norway0% cultural licence fees
Romania15% other
South Africa10%
Spain0% cultural licence fees
Sri Lanka0% cultural licence fees
Switzerland0% cultural licence fees
Sweden0% cultural licence fees
Tunisia5% cultural licence fees
United States0% cultural licence fees
United Kingdom0% cultural licence fees
Vietnam15% other