B2B Jigsaw Puzzle opportunities 


We know that when you buy a puzzle, you’re looking for something more than just another toy—you want to have fun while doing something creative and productive, too. That’s why we offer Epixo - Unique jigsaw puzzles for B2B & wholesale too, the chance to choose from thousands of different unique themes.

To discover unique puzzles at B2B prices click here to register.  To be able to register you would need a valid VAT number, shipping address, and contact details.  

Enriching your shop with high-quality jigsaw puzzles and unique designs will delight your customers. Our attention to quality ensures that every puzzle will be a pleasure to assemble.

Whether you're looking for a new product for your shop or you want to create a new e-shop, is the place for all, from landscapes to animals lovers, from flowers to food enthusiasts —there's something for everyone!


Turn Your Art into Fun Puzzles and Make Some Extra Cash


We know that in the 21st century, there are already many ways how to create extra income by submitting your artwork.  

Why not expand it on jigsaw puzzles and find your art to bring hours of entertainment for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts?  

 Not only is it a fun and unique way to showcase your artwork, but it can also be a profitable venture by setting up your own puzzle shop on the platform.  

Why Epixo?  

Epixo puzzles are produced by Venus Puzzle, a jigsaw puzzle manufacturer with hundreds of thousands already produced puzzles known for their exceptional quality and great service.  

With you have full control over the prices and your profits.  

Promoting your new puzzle shop is easy, too, with the ability to share it on social media or through a unique URL link.  

Epixo customer support team is always available to answer any questions, and their online community is a great place to get ideas and inspiration from other puzzle addicts.  

So why not give it a try and see how much fun and profit you can have by turning your art into puzzles and setting up your own puzzle shop on It's a great way to share your passion with others and make some extra income at the same time.